What Is A Facebook Pixel? Simple Marketing Guide

The Facebook Pixel is a great tool that allows us to track and analyze the effectiveness of our Facebook Ads. The Pixel is a powerful extension of our advertising tools because it helps us use the traffic that we gain from Facebook ads to create meaningful audiences and learn new insights about our customer base.

Facebook can only track customers’ actions and information while they are on Facebook. Once they have left the platform there is no easy way to track what they are doing and where they are going on your site. That is where the Facebook Pixel comes in handy. It allows you to track conversions and better understand our audience and their preferences and interests.

Having a Facebook Pixel installed on your website is a necessary part of any advertising campaign. It opens the door to far more ways to improve your ads in the future. In addition to collecting more data, it also allows us to retarget the same customers that showed interest to close the conversion. Together with Facebook Ads and the Facebook Pixel, we can create powerful advertising funnels and improve overall conversions.

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How Does the Facebook Pixel Work

The Facebook Pixel works through a code that is placed on your website. It is very similar to installing the google analytics code. This code then reports advanced information back to Facebook so that we can analyze and use it further.

How to Create a Facebook Pixel

It can be easier to create a pixel than you might think. First, you will need to have a Facebook business account set up and be ready to run Facebook ads.

1) Log into your Facebook Ad Account simply go to the specific website page that you would like to use.

2) Then click on “Events Manager” on the lefts side menu.

3) From here select the green plus that says “Connect Data Sources” next to it.

4) Then click on the web option.

5) Lastly click on “Facebook Pixel”

This will then allow you to download the pixel code. Install this code onto your website in the next step.

How to Install the Facebook Pixel

It may sound complex but there are many ways to install the code without ever touching any code. If your website is set up through Wix, Godaddy Website Builder, or other page builders there should be a place to enter the code where it will automatically install the pixel. If you are working through WordPress then there are many useful Plugins that will make the process painless, such as Install Headers and Footers and Pixel Your Site.

Once you have successfully installed the code on your website you will be ready to start taking your ads to the next level and track events such as a button click, add to cart, or completed registration.

More Advanced Applications

Another great use for the Facebook pixel to use it to create custom audiences of customers who have completed specific actions on your website. By Installing the pixel and showing ads to people you will be able to create custom audiences. These custom audiences can then be retargeted and remarketed to. This way we can start to create warm groups of customers to send further ads to.

For example, if a customer clicked on your Facebook ad for a makeup tutorial then you will be able to send that person another ad based on the products featured in your video. This highly increases the chances of conversion because you know that they are probably already interested in your business.


The uses of the Facebook Pixel are nearly limitless. It can be a useful tool for any kind of business selling any kind of product or service. If you are spending money on Facebook advertising it is necessary to know more about how your ads are performing. It is also important to know what you can do to further optimize for conversions in your advertising campaign. If you ever need any help setting up a Facebook pixel on your website don’t hesitate to contact us.

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