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Is to empower Gymnastics Centers to help change the lives of young athletes.

There is no mistake about it, owning a gymnastics business is very difficult to do. Owners wear so many hats, having to direct various programs, keep routines on track all while managing payroll and dealing with stressful parents. We want to help you take marketing off of your mind that way you have more time to do what you love most, working with young athletes and helping them to grow both in gymnastics and in life.

Gymnastics is an amazing sport that can teach so many important life lessons. It is our belief that every child can benefit from gymnastics and all that it has to offer. We want to help connect your gym to those kids that need you most.

About The Owner

Hello, my name is Mark and I work with Gymnastics Centers to help them achieve their business dreams. I have been in the gymnastics world for some time, from being an athlete to coach and now a specialized Gymnastics marketer I have seen the way gyms work from many different perspectives. This has given me unique insight to understand gyms and help them to reach their goals. In combination with my marketing knowledge, I am well suited to help you bring your business to the next level by using the most effective marketing techniques that are specialized for your specific industry..

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Ever since I was a kid I have been hyperactive and always bouncing off of the walls. My parents tried to remedy this with many different sports over the years, one that I immediately clicked with was gymnastics I loved the challenge of learning new skills mixed with the feeling of flying. It was unlike anything else that I had experienced. As time went on I got my first job working summers as a coach in training. Over time I got my own classes and finally, I became the leader of the superhero program which was essentially an American Ninja Warrior. Throughout my journey in gymnastics, I learned a great deal about myself, and my students that I never knew before. It was a great learning experience that I will keep with me for the rest of my life.

As much as I liked being in the gym I knew that there was something else that I could do to help a different way. In addition to gymnastics, I have always been interested in business and design. For a long time, I kept trying to think about what was the best combination of these passions. I thought about being a gym owner, but that was not quite the right fit. Then it finally hit me, I could use my unique passions for gymnastics, business, and design to help in a way nobody else could by becoming a specialized marketer for gyms.

 I studied everything that I could about the fast-growing world of SEO, website design, and social media marketing to learn over the last couple of years. I volunteered, interned, practiced and put my knowledge to the test. Through this work, I was able to put together a refined strategy to help gymnastics centers reach their goals of growth, retention, and success. Ever since I have been working with gyms owners to create meaningful change in their business and help to empower them to do what they love to do.

If you want to see my portfolio check out my recent work here. You can contact me at any time through my contact page or send me an email to Mark@FitFoxMarketing.com

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