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The 20 Best Gymnastics Website Designs

In this article, we have ranked 20 of the best gymnastics websites out there. This competition was exclusive to small businesses and gymnastics facilities, usually ranging from around 1 to 5 locations.

The ranking of these websites was based on the flow of visual elements, functionality, overall message, quality of call to action, branding, and ease of use.

#20 Gotham Gymnastics ( Brooklyn, NY )

gymnastics websites gotham website design ranking

Gotham Gymnastics has created a really interesting style for their website. I appreciate how they have chosen to use such unique branding for their gym. I have seen very few websites pull off such bold color choices. I also appreciate their dedication to this purple and black color scheme across their entire site. They also did a great job with their artistic photography that matched their colors. Gotham Gymnastics has easily earned its place on this list for such a one-of-a-kind online presence.

#19 Temple University Men's Gymnastics ( Philadelphia, PA )

websites temple university mens team design

Temple University Men’s Gymnastics website easily expresses their teamwork and growth based environment. I appreciate how they convey who they are and what they stand for while showing the strength and beauty of men’s gymnastics. From this website, you can see many of the values that bind this team together and pushes their performance.

#18 Philadelphia Gymnastics Center ( W. Conshohocken, PA )

gymnastics websites philadelphia center design

Philadelphia Gymnastics Center has done a great job of creating a compelling and interesting website. From the first moment that I saw it I was drawn into the black and white photography of the team. Then I was pulled through the rest of their website to their call to action. I think that one of the things that impressed me the most about this site is its simplicity. This website was able to convey everything necessary without overcrowding anything. This can be a very difficult thing to do, that is why they have earned their place at number 18 on this list.

#17 Bay Island Gymnastics ( Oakland, CA )

websites bay island website official design

Another impressive website that I came across was Bay Island Gymnastics. I was impressed by the light and friendly feeling of this website. This gym has done a great job of using happy faces, light colors, and a gentle layout to welcome a new user. Overall this website is not at all intimidating at first glance which is perfect for pulling in new customers and trials.

#16 Burlo Gymnastics ( Chatsworth, CA )

gymnastics websites burlo rhythmic los Angeles design

Burlo Gymnastics immediately impressed me with their sleek and crisp designs. Across their entire website they utilized great photography, spacing, and color choices. This made it very easy to use and navigate through their website. There was never a time that their website was confusing or hard to operate. They have done a great job to optimize their website with gentle whites and soft grey blending into excellent photographs. This website presented itself as being very trustworthy and professional and has earned its place on this list.

#15 National Kids Gym

websites kids gym design placement

I thought that national kids gym did a great job of creating a website that was really fun to work with and interesting to look at it. Every corner of the website is bursting with color and interest, but not to the point of overloading the user. They have struck a great balance in how they have laid out their content and photography. This site also did a great job of keeping all navigation easy to use and quickly accessible.

#14 Tumble Tech ( Cedar Park, TX )

gymnastics websites Tumble tech design placement

Tumble Tech has done a great job of creating a clean and sophisticated website. I appreciate their bold color choices of black, red, and white, along with their crisp imagery. They had a very professional polished vibe across their entire site that was impressive. Tumble Tech excelled in creating a detailed website that stays true to their gym’s style.

#13 Head Over Heels ( Emeryville, CA )

websites head over heels athletic arts design placement

From the first moment that I looked at Head Over Heels website I thought word “Fun”. This website has captured the fun of their gym and condensed it onto their website which is no easy task. I thought that they did an excellent job of reinforcing this theme in their choice of colors, fonts, and photographs. No part of this website took itself too seriously which is perfect for a facility meant for fun and flips. Overall I was very impressed by this website and its dedication to this theme.

#12 ATA Gymnastics ( San Jose, ca )

gymnastics websites ata best design placement

I appreciated the extra work that ATA gymnastics put in to add extra style to their website. I was impressed by their bright images mixed with smooth and flowing gradients and icons. It all flowed together in a very cohesive and satisfying way to create a professional and light-hearted feeling. It was a breeze to navigate through this website and sign up for their classes.

#11 Jump Gym ( Woodland Hills, CA )

gymnastics websites jump gym design placement

Jump Gym has gone above and beyond in its website design. I appreciate their choice of pastel colors and soft natural text. I also thought that they did a great job of capturing high resolution, entertaining and informative photos of their gym and their students. It is always best when you can feel the vibe of a gym through their website and that is just what Jump Gym Has been able to accomplish. They have easily earned their spot on this list at 11th place.

#10 Edgewater Playhouse ( Chicago, IL )

websites edgewater playhouse design placement

Edgewater Playhouse brought their A-game with a strong and unique website. They took a risk to add a side menu rather than a top menu that really paid off. I am not usually a fan of side menus, but on this site it turned out exceptional. Nothing creates a great website like big, genuine smiles and HD photos. This website has both of those in excess along with a unifying style that ties everything together. Well done Edgewater Playhouse!

#9 North Valley Gymnastics ( Phoenix, AZ )

gymnastics websites north valley design placement

North Valley Gymnastics has taken its visual elements to the next level. I am a big fan of motion and video on a website. After all, if a picture is a thousand words isn’t a video a thousand pictures. Gymnastics is such a movement based sport that it is great to see some of that motion captured on websites so long as it does not overload the page. North Valley Gymnastics has done excellently to create a beautiful slider and a stylish website to follow it up.

#8 SD United Sports ( San Diego, CA )

gymnastics websites sd united training center design placement

SD United Sports has mixed video effortlessly with a unique branding style that blends to create a great user experience. I immediately fell in love with the texturizing lines weaving the page together as well as the blue and white tones of the site. This website was incredibly professional and also uniquely stylized. Great work to the team over at SD United Sports for putting this together.

#7 Pacific Coast Gymnastics ( San Marcos, CA )

gymnastics websites pacific coast design placement

Pacific Coast Gymnastics have refined their visual and stylized elements one step further beyond the previous options in this list. They have created a really seamless user experience that stretches across all corners of their website. They also did a great job of using their main branding colors of yellow, white and soft grey to stylize all content. I was very impressed by their uniform branding and simple but effective stylization.

#6 Houston Gymnastics Academy ( Houston, Tx )

gymnastics websites houston academy design placement

One of the first things that impressed me about Houston Gymnastics Academy the beautiful video that spans their front page. Not only is it the very high quality, it is also a wonderful way to express the beauty and potential of the sport by showing what gymnastics has to offer the world. Beyond their home page, they still kept a unique style. Above nearly every other option on this list, this gym was able to perfectly implement video to express everything that they have to offer. It is an amazing example of all that a website can be and can strive for.

#5 Arizona Sunrays ( Phoenix, AZ )

gymnastics websites arizona sunrays best design placement

Arizona Sunrays have done a great job to create a fun and vibrant feeling around their website. The movement, joy, and smiles, all surrounded by a deep purple gradient created an immediate sense of radiance and life. I was impressed by the home page, but I was even more impressed but all of the stylized internal pages. Many websites focus all of their attention on creating such a beautiful home page that they ignore their internal pages. When I was browsing this website I did not come across a single boring or unstylized page. Arizona Sunrays has shown great professionalism and they have earned their place at number 5 on our list.

#4 Gymnastics Factory ( Houston, TX )

gymnastics websites design factory professional placement

Gymnastics Factory has excelled at creating a beautifully artistic and stylized website. Their vector-based website stood out from all of the others because of the various graphic design elements. Some real elbow grease went into the visuals of this website and it shows. Stylized vector images like this don’t come quickly. They take hours of tracing, designing, and colorizing. For this reason, I have a large amount of respect for the team at Gymnastics Factory and their efforts to create a beautiful website. Great work!

#3 Gemstone Gymnastics ( San Diego, CA )

gymnastics websites gemstone gym professional design placement

Everybody knows that smiles sell. Gemstone gymnastics perfectly capitalizes on this without overcomplicating anything. On their home page alone they have 15 smiles and happy faces along with compelling text and call to actions. This creates a very welcoming and friendly vibe that seamlessly matches the light pastel colors on the site. This all builds to create a successful website that deserves to 3rd place on our list. Well done Gemstone Gymnastics!

#2 Acrotex Gymnastics ( Georgetown, TX )

gymnastics websites acrotex professional design placement

Acrotex is a great example of a business that has gone above and beyond with its branding and customization. Not only is the website visually appealing to look at it is also easy to use and compelling to sign up. I was impressed by their creativity to incorporate their logo into many parts of their website. This extra level of creativity shows Acrotex’s ability to take it the extra mile and create a really beautiful and professional website.

#1 Flames Gymnastics ( San Diego, CA )

flames gymnastics gym website design featured site

Flames Gymnastics blew me away in every regard. To start, they have an incredible gym trailer video on the front of their home page. I love how professional this video is as well as how well it encompasses all parts of the gym. It shows their team, coaches, rec, preschool, and much more. From this video, you get the sense that this gym is a close-knit family.


Beyond just the video the rest of the website is perfectly saturated in style and custom design elements. The website sports a beautiful grey red and white theme that stays consistent throughout every page available. Additionally, the messaging is consistent and reliable. Every bit of text or visual element builds on top of one another to create a reliable presence that will impress customers. Taking it even a step further all of the photographs on this website match the same style perfectly. All staff photos are taken professionally with a well lit main subject and dark gym background behind them. Even the team photos are beautifully captured with athletes in dark smokey backgrounds. 


Every part of this website ties seamlessly together to create a website that is as close to perfect as it can be. Well done Flames Gymnastics! You have invested a great deal of time and effort into creating this website and it really shows.


All of these websites put up a good fight. Even making it onto this list was not an easy task so we wanted to commend all of these hard-working gyms for putting in the time and effort to create impressive websites. It is not easy to create such professional websites, but they have managed to make the best ones that we have seen. Well done to all of our gyms.

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