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The Ultimate Guide To Facebook Marketing For Your Gymnastics Center

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Facebook is one of the greatest tools available to gym owners and marketers everywhere. It allows us to find new customers as well as build stronger relationships with our current clientele. Facebook is also a cornerstone of your gym’s online presence. Many people look at a business’s Facebook page and website to decide if it is trustworthy and credible.

In this guide, we will cover in-depth every step of marketing with Facebook. From creating your business page to opening an advertising account and publishing your first ads.

How to Get Started?

Facebook Business Pages are a great asset for every business to possess. Business pages are a great place to share important content, create relationships with customers and other business owners, as well as, manage ads and campaigns run from Facebook. Creating and optimizing a business page is one of the most important parts of digital marketing.

Follow these important steps below to make your own Facebook business page:

1. Log into your Facebook account

2. Then Create Your Business Page Here

When filling out the information make sure that everything is accurate and true to your business. In particular, make sure that your business name is correct as that can be difficult to change later. Once your information is filled out submit it and we will be taken to the next step

3. Add Photos & Give Your Page Personality

The next step will be to add photos of your business. The best place to have these displayed is on the profile photo and the cover photo. These spaces are presented prominently on your Facebook page. They are one of the largest factors that can give your page a professional look, so make sure to fill them with high-resolution photos.

4. Fill Out Advanced Information

After you have added photos onto your business page the next thing to do will be to fill out the advanced information. Click on “edit page info” shown here in this photo:

From here you can simply fill out all of the information working your way down the page. Make sure to add in any additional categories that might have been missed when the page was originally created. Add on your username, business phone number, business email, website, address service area, hours products, and price range. Essentially the more that you can fill out the information the better.

5. Edit Your Learn More Button

Facebook naturally has one built-in call to action button located just below the cover photo. Make sure to customize this button to an option that fits your gym. Some of the best options would include Book Now, Call Now, Contact Us, Learn More, and Sign Up.

6. Choose and Customize Facebook Template

The Facebook template decides what tabs will be shown on the left side of your business page. Facebook will naturally guess what template fits your business best, although it is not always correct. Make sure that you have the correct template chosen for your business. If you need as well you can always activate and deactivate tabs as well depending on what works best for your business. In order to customize your template click on the settings in Facebook.

Next click on Templates and Tabs on the left side menu.

From here you can edit the templates and choose whatever one applies to your business best.

How to Post Organically On Facebook

Facebook is a great place to post content about your business and what is going on in your gym. It is also a great way to interact with your customers and your community. Unfortunately over the years, Facebook has greatly limited the reach of organic (non-paid) content from businesses. Still, there can be many great benefits from posting regularly and building a following.

What to Post?

It can sometimes be difficult to know what is best to post on your gym’s Facebook page. There are so many different options out there that it can be paralyzing to know where to start. Here is a list of some great and easy content that you can easily post on your Facebook Account.


Quotes are a great quick and simple piece of content you can post. Just find some of your favorite quotes that inspire your gym, and then put them with some simple graphics and post them. The best way to make these quick and easy graphics is through Canva.com.


It is a well-known fact that people are drawn to stories. We cannot get enough of them. Make use of this and tell stories of what happened in your gym, make it entertaining, and give customers a peek into your gym behind the scenes.


Informational posts are another incredibly useful style of content. People are always looking to learn more. This creates a great opportunity to inform and educate. After all, you have a lot of specialized knowledge, so why not share that information to help all that see it?

Athlete Accomplishments

Your gym has some amazing athletes. Try to share their accomplishments when you are able (be careful to get adult permission consent before posting about a minor). This will help in two ways it will build the athlete’s confidence as well as show the world what your gym has to offer.

How Often to Post and When to Post?

The best amount to post for your business is anywhere from once a day to twice a week. This will help to show that your gym is active and involved with its athletes and programs. Posting once a month or even less frequently could make your business seem out of date or even closed.

Why Organic Posts Are So Important?

Posting organically on Facebook is an important part of any content marketing strategy especially because of how it functions with paid Facebook ads.

It is important to avoid only running ads without any organic posts along with them. This is because people will often click on your ad to check out your business page. If your page is one hundred percent ads they might assume that you are a spam account and not an actual business.

Instead, if you have helpful, entertaining, and inspirational organic content on your page people will be able to see that you are a “real” business that they can trust. This will go a long way to win over customers who have never heard of your business before. It will also create a positive first impression that could lead to more business.

How to Advertise on Facebook?

With so many other social media platforms available it can sometimes be difficult to choose what platform is best for your business. Unlike many other platforms, Facebook usually caters to a slightly older demographic of adults. This is helpful because most business owners are marketing a more well-established adult clientele.

Another great reason to choose Facebook is because of its powerful advertising tools and extensions. These allow your business to advertise only to people who fit your target interests, location, age, occupation, etc. This helps to ensure that every dollar that is paid into advertising is a dollar well spent.

Lastly, Facebook is a great option because of how often people are regularly using it. Every month 2.2 billion users are on Facebook for an average of 58 mins browsing, commenting, and liking. This gives us business owners the perfect opportunity to advertise to them and potentially create a meaningful connection.

How to Create Your First Facebook Ad

Creating your first Facebook ad can be intimidating simply because of the complexity of the user interface. However, once you have gotten used to the options at your disposal you will be grateful for every bit of complexity.

Here are the direct steps for starting an advertising account on Facebook.

1. Create a Facebook Advertising Account

The next step will be to create an advertising account for your Facebook page. You will use this to publish your ads in a way that will give the most amount of data. Try to avoid simply boosting a post on the front end of Facebook. It is always better to run ads through your Facebook advertising account.

Facebook ads business manager log in screen

In order to create an advertising account go to Facebook’s Business Manager and login to follow the steps to connect your existing page to a new advertising account. After that, you will need to add a credit card and some additional info in order to make sure that you are fully connected and ready to go.

2. Design Your First Ad Graphic And Write Copy

Now that you have your Business Page set up and your ad account all ready to go the next thing you will need to do will be to make the actual graphic for your ad.

It is important to first plan what your overall goal is with your ad. Are you looking to gain more customers, then maybe run a discount promotion for the next month. Or if you are looking to gain more visibility then it could be good to run a contest or send out some valuable information in the form of a lead magnet.

No matter what you are looking to do with your ad make sure that the visual side supports the overall message so that it will create a compelling reason to click. If you are having trouble making the graphic I would recommend hiring a freelancer off of Upwork to help. If you want to make the design yourself Canva.com is a great free way to create designs.

Plan awesome copy to go with your ad so that it will have one cohesive message presented. This ad copy will then be shown along with your ad to help give users a compelling reason to click and see what you have to offer.

Facebook ads creative and copy

3. Create Your Facebook Campaign

Now at this stage, you are all set to finally start running your ad. The last thing that you will need to do will be to specify what kind of campaign you are running and who you will be targeting. The first menu that you will be faced with will look something like this.

Facebook ads choosing marketing objective

Here is where you will be able to select the overall goal of your campaign. Every option works a little differently and every option will cost different amounts. As a general rule, the more likely someone is to buy the more expensive it will be. Anything in the conversions column will be more pricey than options in the awareness column. Consideration is often a good middle ground that will normally generate good traffic but not break the bank.

A great way to minimize cost while maximizing results is to start in the awareness or consideration steps. From there see who is interested in what you have to offer. Then target those same interested people in a conversion campaign. This way you will only be paying for a warm audience to convert rather than a cold one.

4. Setting Up Your Facebook Budget

Each gym will have a different budget that works best for them. Some will opt for a much more expensive strategy while others will want as cheap as possible. When it comes to spending money on Facebook ads, you should not overspend before you know how successful an ad will be. One great thing about Facebook is that you can start a campaign on a minimal budget to see how it performs. Once you can tell that it is doing well you can put more money behind it. In this way, you can minimize risk while maximizing your results.

That being said, the lowest you should spend on Facebook ads should be $5.00 per day. Any lower than that and you are spending too little to know if your ad is doing well or not. We recommend always starting off lower and then ramping up as your knowledge and experience increase.

Facebook ads photo of budget

5. Choosing Targeting

The targeting stage is another place that will either make or break your campaign. Choosing the right age, gender, demographic, interests, professions, and hobbies is very important to your campaign’s overall success.

When choosing who to target think about your ideal customer. Who would you love to start doing business with?

For example, if you are looking to get more signups for your preschool classes you should market to new parents with young children. Likewise, if you are looking for more team signups then consider targeting people who already show interest in high-level gymnastics in your area.

There are a thousand ideas that you could brainstorm to decide the best options. The most important thing is that you create an audience that is specific enough to be relevant, but not too specific to exclude potential customers. Facebook provides a gauge on the side of the campaign to help you find how much targeting is too much, and it is usually pretty helpful to follow.

Facebook Scale

One of the most important things to remember when targeting is that not everyone is a good fit for your business. Even though it can be tempting to assume that everyone needs our services, marketing to everyone is a great way to waste extra money. Refine who needs your business the most and market to them first.

6. Monitor The Results

Once you have set everything up the next thing to do will be to monitor how the campaign is going. Keep an eye on the data presented in Facebook ads manager and your page insights. These will help you to analyze the performance of your ads and the success of your campaign type, targeting, graphics, and copy.

Try to learn everything that you can from your data. Who is interested in your ad? Who is not? Is there any target demographic that you should invest more in advertising, or one that is not worth advertising anymore?

The last step will be to test, test, and test some more. Creating a killer Facebook ad rarely comes the first time. It comes from repeated attempts.

Every time that you try something new you learn more and this prepares you to make the next ad, and the one after that. After some time you will be able to understand what your target customers want to see. You will also be able to steadily improve your ads performance and return on investment each time.

Looking to take your understanding to the next level? Sign up for our comprehensive marketing course that will cover all aspects of finding success marketing online.


Once you have done all of these steps you have set yourself up for success. There are a lot of things to learn in order to start marketing through Facebook, but it is an incredibly valuable asset. Knowing how to build your gymnastic center through Facebook is a very useful tool that you will be able to benefit from for years to come.

Good luck marketing out there! If you have any additional questions or concerns contact us here and we would love to help walk you through any difficulties that you may be facing.

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