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Local SEO is the art of ranking higher for location-based search terms near you. The ideal position being in the first placement. This is perhaps one of the most valuable investments that stores and service businesses can make to increase their foot traffic.

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Citation building of over 30 websites and directories

Website Optimization for Local SEO

Monthly Progress Reporting

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Citation building of over 45 websites and directories

Specialized Citation Building - To create valuable industry-specific citations

Monthly Citation Updating - For changing your business information when needed

Website Optimization for Local SEO

Monthly Progress Reporting

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Citation building of over 60 websites and directories

Specialized Citation Building - To create valuable industry-specific citations

Unlimited Citation Updating - For changing your business information when needed

Website Optimization for Local SEO

Creating/Updating Website Schema Markup

Review Acquisition Plan Specialized For Your Business

Review Responding

Monthly Progress Reporting

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is essentially the practice of getting your business information to be shown first when someone searches for a business near them. For example, if you own a salon we would focus on getting you to show up first when people search “Salons near me”. This is an incredibly powerful tool for finding new customers, but it is often overlooked. Here are some quick statistics on the potential of Local SEO from SEMrush:

  • 78% of location-oriented searches resulted in an offline conversion
  • 88% of customers will call or visit a store within 24-hours of making a search from a mobile device

Every day customers are turning to their devices to find fun local things to do, great places to eat, or the best answer to their problem. The businesses that are investing in local SEO are appearing first, soaking up all of the interest, and gaining new customers. The other businesses are missing out and they might not even know it. That is why it is so important to stay ahead of the curve and position yourself on top with local SEO.

This image shows what it looks like to your customers.

I am sure that we have all seen this before when we are searching for things online. This is called the Google Map Pack and it is a very important part of advertising for physical stores and locations. Customers will rely on this information to choose where they are going and how to get there.

It is important that they choose you rather than a competitor. 

Furthermore customers are only shown the top three locations for a store. So if you are not in the top three results customers will have to click to see more information and greatly reduce your chances of being shown. 

So now that we know what local SEO is, lets discuss just how it is done. It is not magic but, it does take a lot of work and patience in order to create powerful results.

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Roseville SEO local business optimization

Citations are essentially just a record of your business’s name, phone number, website, address and other relevant information. Sites like Yelp, Facebook, Apple, Yahoo and many more try to catalog this information for most companies because they work as directories. Google, then, puts together all of this information in order to judge the credibility of your business. Google wants to make sure that they are sending their users to relevant locations so they analyze all of this information to judge your business’s trustworthiness. If the information is unavailable or incorrect Google is much less likely to choose you in the top 3 search results. 

Business citations are only as useful as their accuracy. An inaccurate listing does not do your business any good. That is why it is important to keep your citations as up to date as possible. If you are moving locations, changing your hours, changing your phone number, or website, it is important to change them across all listings. Having inaccurate and out of date information could confuse Google and cause your citation to be pushed down the list.

In this service we will maintain your listings as your business changes and evolves. This way your listings can remain perfectly accurate at all times.

Not every citation website has the same value. Some are incredibly important while others are much less. This same lesson is true when it comes to different industries. Some websites carry a lot of weight, or domain authority, in a specific niche. By creating a citation on their websites we will be able to boost your business above the competition who may have missed these key citations.

Reviews are another incredibly important part of your listing. This is important not only for Google’s algorithm but it is also important to customers who are looking to come to your location. A good review does a lot to help a business, by having a large number of positive reviews you can convince both search engines and customers that you are a great business to check out.

Getting positive reviews is only half of the review process. The other half comes from responding to reviews promptly. This will communicate to both customers and search engines that your business is reliable and listening to your customer’s comments and opinions. This all ends up reflecting that your business is reliable and trustworthy which in turn will increase your local ranking.

Responding will also help to show customers that you care. Whether they are complementing your business with a five-star review or disturbing your business with a one-star review it is important to be a part of the conversation. Customers take their time to review our businesses online and it is important we take the time to respond to them.

Another key factor to how well your listing will perform is based on how reliable and accurate your website is. A poorly made website or a website that appears to be unsafe will show Google that your listing is not to be trusted and you are less likely to rank higher.

Create a secure website, with good content, that loads quickly and Google will not demote your listing. Something else that if important to factor in with a website is to include your business name, address, and phone number on several pages. This way Google will see that your listing does truly relate to the correct website because the information matches.

Schema markup is used to communicate between your website and Google. This line of communication is important to show exactly what your website is because Google some times has a hard time completely understanding the content of your web page. By creating stronger communication between your website and Google’s algorithm we can build more trustworthiness and eventually earn a higher ranking.

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