How to Get Your Business on Google

Google is one of the most powerful tools for many businesses across the world. It is important because of how many customers rely on Google searches every day. Customers are constantly searching for a business near them, and answers to their problems.

Luckily Google has provided a tool to business owners that allows them to get their business located on the first search page for free. This tool is called Google My Business.

The amazing thing about Google My Business is that it finally allows small, local businesses a fighting chance against larger corporations like Amazon and Walmart. It does this by basing searches around your Geolocation rather than simply serving up the most popular worldwide results.

What is Google My Business

Google My Business is simply an online listing for your company. It is a record of your business phone number, website, address, email, hours, and much more. This information is then used by customers to call your business at the touch of a button or to get locations to your physical location so that they can buy something that they need.

Getting found by random people online is great for business because it can create a stream of new customers with minimal effort on your part.

When seen online your Google My Business account looks like this, as I am sure that it is something we have all come across before online.

google my business map pack top 3 Google Results

How to Get on Google My Business

1) Check If You Already Have a Listing

In order to create a Google My Business account it is important that you first check if there are already any other accounts made with your business information. Google will often times automatically create your business location by grabbing various information from the internet and customer suggestions. The problem with this is that the information is often outdated or incorrect.

For example your listing could have an old phone number on it which could lead to customer frustration. Or your website url might be broken on your listing leading to lost sales. It is important to make sure that this information well updated and correct.

You can find these automatically generated listings by going to Google Maps and searching for your business name. If nothing comes up it is safe to assume that you do not have a current listing. If you do have a listing appear then open it up and click on “claim this listing” in order to begin the claiming process.

google my business claim this business

2) Create a New Listing

Create a business listing for your business if you do not have already have one. You can do this by going to the Google My Business Home Page and clicking on “Manage Now”. This will guide you through setting up your account. Make sure that all of the information is one hundred percent accurate including the following:

  • Business Name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Website
  • Email
  • Category
  • Description
  • Hours
  • Service Areas (If applicable)
  • Photos
  • Services/Products offered

All of this information is important to add onto your listing. It can be tedious but the payout will be worth it. By filling out this information thoroughly your business will have a chance to rank above your competitors who might have never taken this step.

After your profile is fully set up Google will send a confirmation code to your business address in a couple of days. Once you submit your confirmation code your business will show as verified and customers can start to find your business. Remember if you want to double-check if your business is appearing on google then simply go to google maps and search your business name as you entered it.

3) Strengthening Your Listing

Google my business listing services

The next step after you have created your listing is to improve your listing over time. Google listings are a way for small local businesses to appear before large corporations but they are still in competition with each other. This means that a competitor with a stronger listing will appear above you, and they could be taking the majority of the customers searching for your business.

There are a couple of things that we can do to create a stronger listing for your business. In fact, this is a whole art form to it but here is a brief breakdown of some helpful ways to improve your listing:

  • Improve your linked website
  • Add in more citations for your business from different websites
  • Correct incorrect citations that have been made previously
  • Get Reviews for your listing

All of these parts put together will allow your business to rank when customers search for your business “near me”. You will be able to earn more customers and gain new business for your location or psychical store. If you ever need any help with setting up a Google My Business account or ranking your business feel free to contact us here for extra assistance or advice.

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