How to hire the best digital marketing agency

Finding a great digital marketing agency that will help your business and deliver on what they promise has become an increasingly difficult thing to do. More and more people are thinking that they can jump into this field simply because they have been using Facebook and social media since they were in middle school. Vetting your potential candidates is the first step to marketing success as well as avoiding many headaches. Solve the problem before it is ever created, continue reading this article for more information.


A huge part of finding the best person for the job is knowing what you are looking for. We recommend finding the answers to these fundamental questions before moving further:

How much are you looking to do?

The more active the more that you are going to want to spend time to make sure that you trust and enjoy who your will be working with as well as the more money that you will be giving them. Make sure that they are good.

Do you want to be able to meet face to face or are you comfortable with long distance calls?

Usually, local businesses are more expensive, but many chose them over overseas companies for convenience and personality. It is easier to trust someone right in front of you rather than half the world away. However, there are some benefits to choosing an overseas company instead.

What will you be needing them to do for your business?

This will define what route you will need to take to find the marketer that you are looking for.

How much are you looking to Pay?

Having a set budget will make the search process much easier, ask a couple of businesses for quotes and see how they compare. If they are all over your budget you might be looking to get too much done with too little money.

How much of a part do you want them to play in your business?

Are you looking for someone to post on the social platforms and not ask questions, or are you looking for someone that will add valuable input and strategies?


Finding people that are looking to do your website, social media or any other form of digital marketing will not be difficult. The difficulty comes in finding one that is worth your time and money. Many businesses have been burned by this fast-moving industry with promises that are too good to be true. Don’t be another one! Here are a couple of simple rules to hold to heart:

Results will never be fast, long-lasting results do not come quickly. Any substantial changes are always earned progressively, day after day. Do not believe marketers who claim that they will make your business rich just a few days or weeks.

If it is too good to sound true, it probably is. Business is not magic, and neither is digital marketing.

Never use any Black hat SEO techniques or fake followers. This includes any techniques that seem manipulative, dishonest or purposefully deceiving. These may help for a short time but they will always hurt you more in the long run. Fire any business that pushes for these methods.

In order to find potential candidates you can search in a variety of places including:

  • Google
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • LinkedIn
  • Other social media platforms


You will without a doubt find many businesses that are up to the task. If you are looking for small tasks to be done we would recommend freelancers as they will usually cost less. They are great for smaller tasks and short relationships. If you are looking for more substantial work to be done on your website we recommend dealing with a company face to face so that you can build trust and know that you can always speak with them if you need to.

Choose the top candidates that meet all of your criteria previously defined. Then look into their social media profiles. Check to see that they are still current and that they are still in business. Next, check their profiles for genuine customer engagement and testimonials. The more the better.

Next, go back to their website and check of testimonials, case studies and past customers. Find who they have worked with and check their social media pages to find what kind of work they have done in the past. At this point choose 2 or 3 businesses that are the best fit.


Further narrow them down by asking for a quote. Any reputable business should be happy to provide this for you. Look at what they have done as a pretty accurate representation of what they can do for you. From then if you are still having a difficult time choosing look into their messaging and see which one aligns with your business more. Or you can ask to see a presentation from each and decide which candidate you trust more.


Congratulations, you have just selected the perfect candidate but your work is not quite done yet. The next step is to clarify exactly what you want from them and what you are going to provide them in exchange. The more that you can get in writing the better. What do you expect them to do on a day to day basis? What are their responsibilities? What is acceptable and what is not? When are the due dates? Having these all in writing will help to clarify what is expected of both sides and reduce confusion.


The last step is to continue communications and keep up to date. Weekly or monthly meetings are a great way to do this. They allow you to stay up to date with your business’s marketing progress. Over time you can build a great relationship that can contribute far more value to your business than just what it costs you.