Our Mission

Our mission is to provide big business marketing results to small businesses in an affordable and reliable service.

Since the beginning, big businesses have had more ways to market to more people than smaller businesses could ever hope for. Thankfully the world of marketing has changed, with the addition of internet marketing now every business has access to reach the customers who matter most to them.
This is what we stand for, to enable small businesses to reach any goal and grow to any challenge. We are here to help support local businesses in their struggles and to help them create a future where they will prosper.

About The Owner

Hello, my name is Mark and I work with businesses to create powerful digital presences and professional websites. The internet has changed how every business in the world functions over the course of the last decade or so. The world of digital marketing is changing and adapting every day, as a result, it is very difficult for business owners to stay current with the ever-advancing best practices. That is why it is my goal to help small businesses achieve their dreams and create meaningful improvements through the power of the internet.

I decided to enter this line of work because of my love for business and design. The place those two interests intersected was Digital Marketing. I have always been an artist, drawing small cartoons and designs for as long as I can remember, likewise I have always had a love for business. Both my father and my grandfather were influential entrepreneurs in my life. It amazed me that through entrepreneurship anything can be accomplished. I want to use my skills to help improve the world and the lives of local business owners.

Portrait fitfox marketing mark crockett
Fitfox Marketing desk working

After I discovered my love for marketing I was hooked, and since then I have been studying, practicing, and perfecting my skills. There is so much to learn and many new innovations every day, It is thrilling to be a part of a field that is developing so quickly. I have found that there is a large need for professional and affordable internet marketing services at a local level. That is why I created FitFox Marketing, to help businesses take full advantage of the web to achieve their marketing goals and business dreams.

If you want to see my portfolio check out my recent work here. If you would like to contact me feel free to message me through my contact page or send me an email to Mark@FitFoxMarketing.com